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About Us


Our Story

A family run motorcycle business, run by a father and son duo, has been a lifelong passion for both of them. They have been riding motorcycles since they were young and their love for bikes has only grown stronger with time. The father, has even incorporated his love for birds of prey into the design and brand. The son, following in his father's footsteps, has also developed a passion for both motorcycles and birds of prey. Together, they bring a unique and personal touch to every motorcycle they build and repair.

As life-long owners of birds of prey, including Aquila verreauxii, black eagles, it seemed appropriate to name their team Black Eagle Racing.

 Since adopting the name and the new logo, the team has gone from strength to strength, winning several podium places at the Isle of Man Classic TT races, and fulfilling David's life-long dream to win with a motorcycle built in their own workshop.

Meet The Team

Team members


MARK KAY - manager, machinist and engine mechanic
MITCH KAY - manager, machinist and engine mechanic
JASON McCARTHY - fibreglass fabricator


Significant milestones in the Kay family business


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